Barbara Paanakker



Barbara Paanakker, Mixed Media Paintings

I start my paintings with a thick layer of heavy gel. In the gel, I stick found rusty metal objects and other interesting materials like egg shells, netting material, newspaper etc.

After a couple of days, I start painting many layers of paint. Sometimes I add some more gel, objects, or I sand it down.

If I am happy with the colors I give it a wash with black paint, then I paint some more mostly with transparent colors. If I am completely satisfied I stick my own metal made signature on it and I finish the work with a varnish, matt,satin or gloss.

Painting is a passion for me. The world around us is very colorful and bright if you look in the right direction. As a kid I was always doodling around with colored pencils and markers. I started painting 14 years ago. A private teacher taught me how to put my everlasting inspirational ideas on a canvas. Life has been good ever since.

All my paintings emerge in the process of painting, therefore they all are very different and unique, one of a kind!

If you own one of my paintings you know that the passion is in the painting, it will make your life more colorful. Enjoy!

Not to long ago I started to play with clay. You can now find a small  selection of my work in the photo gallery.

A collection of my work is now avalable on Etsy, Free shipping in the US!