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Barbara Paanakker, Mixed Media Paintings

I am born and raised in The Netherlands. In January 2015 I became an official citizen of the United States.

Painting is a passion for me. The world around us is very colorful and bright if you look in the right direction. After always doodling around with colored pencils and markers as a kid, I started painting in 2001. A fellow artist taught me how to put my everlasting inspirational ideas on canvas. Life has been good ever since.

I like a lot of art forms and can never take enough classes to learn something new.

Therefore I experiment with different materials which is fun and inspiring.

Because off several reasons I have been painting less for some years. The work I did where mostly high quality large paintings for a commission. I love making a special piece for someone and I have never disappointed anyone.

Lately I have more time to paint and pick up my brushes more often. My collection is slowly growing again.

I often get a question what inspires me to create a piece. This can be very different. I am definitely influenced by my surroundings. Since I have moved to a studio with a lot more light my paintings have become lighter en softer colored.

Simple ideas for a new painting can be a cloud, some lines on the floor or even something I read in the news.

Would you like to meet me? Contact me and we can set up a date and time.

A collection of my work is now avalable on Etsy,

see link on the top of this page.