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Barbara has been painting mixed media acrylic paintings for over 20 years. 


Barbara’s paintings are abstract and tactile, using a multitude of mediums including metal, paper, and organic materials. Having had an interest in painting and artistic expression since childhood, Barbara began painting classes after moving to back to Holland, from the United States in 2000. 


Her career took off in 2008, living back in the United states again, when she began showing her work in galleries and gathering clientele worldwide.


In 2016, Barbara began working with ceramics, a growing body of her work.



Following the flow of colors, Barbara watches the work grow under her hands.


Throughout the years, her work has been featured in multiple galleries and can be found on Etsy.



In addition to painting, Barbara loves growing vegetables in her organic garden, experimenting with vegan recipes, and enjoying the outdoors.



Inspired by current events and the free-flow of creating, Barbara paints in her studio at home near Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Roland.


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